Building Insights


Building Insights provides Investors, Owners and Lenders with preliminary decision data through execution for their development and capital projects.  More than any other function, Development Services must integrate the specific knowledge of all aspects of the real estate services.  Decisions made prior to the site acquisition or planning will affect the operation of the asset.  It is incredibly important for the Development Manager to understand not only the construction and regulatory requirements of the development but to fully understand the market, financial constraints and the operational side of the asset.  This is where Building Insights has a truly competitive advantage.  With experience in not only development but also asset management and property management, Building Insights is uniquely positioned to provide the best in class development management services.

Our development management services include:

  • Development and Program Management
  • Build to Suit Projects
  • Site Analysis and Feasibility
  • Zoning Analysis and Re-Zoning
  • Conceptual Site Planning , Estimating & Scheduling
  • Surveyor, Architect & Engineer Engagement/Design Coordination
  • Programming and Pre-Construction Documentation
  • Construction Document Preparation and Review
  • Budget Analysis and  Budget Updates
  • Draw and Construction Oversight
  • LEED development
  • Post-Construction Evaluation

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